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October 2019 Currently Accepting New Clients


We are always looking to add to our team. We hire Ph.D. level psychologists, and while preference is given to those who have completed their residency and doctorate, we do consider Ph.D Candidates seeking supervision. Over the years we have enjoyed a remarkably low turnover of associates, as most stay with us for years. Our present and past associates are available to speak with interested candidates and to share their experience of working in the practice.

Our practice offers a unique work experience that affords our associates:


Established in 2002, we are among the most well-established psychology practices in London. We have a strong reputation in the community and a wealth of professional relationships and referrals. We offer excellent hourly billing compensation for our associates, with increases commensurate with their training and experience.


Associates in our practice have a high degree of autonomy over their schedule, their caseload, and the population of clients that they choose to serve.


Our practice philosophy couples high autonomy with high support. Ample and flexible supervision (both scheduled and informal) is provided to our associates, both in the form of individual and group supervision. Our team comprises both early career psychologists and those who are further along in their careers, allowing for a breadth of perspectives and a more diverse practice culture. Our strong community ties also allow associates to form valuable connections with professionals outside of our practice.


In an era where psychotherapy can sometimes be medicalized, our practice is quite distinct from the clinic model. Our offices are in a century home and are designed to imbue a sense of comfort and warmth. It is something that our clients appreciate and regularly comment on, but also something that we feel provides a uniquely relaxing and grounding working environment for our team.

Interested candidates may send a cover letter and CV to info@drdestun.com

or call us at (519) 670-6188